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Talented Junior Interior Architect

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We Create Places Where People Feel Welcome

because people thrive for an inclusive society. At aatvos, we believe developing public third places, as coined by Ray Oldenburg, is about connecting with the local community; finding out their needs and habits, and designing accordingly. Amongst others, we have done so for:

and will soon start working for the Central Library of Reykjavik (Iceland), at a marvelous kids library in Ludwigshafen (Germany), the Central Library of Köln (Germany), and at a hospital located in the Netherlands.

With the Butterfly Principles as our guideline, we are able to understand, map, structure, and accelerate these holistic processes with our clients and stakeholders. To achieve this even better we want to complete the team with

Talented Junior Interior Architect,

someone who embraces our vision of inclusivity and is able to turn that into reality, one who knows how important process consistency is, one who listens to the communities we work for, one who is of the opinion our work is not a way to express personal ego, one who can translate the needs of our clients and their end-users into new spaces.

One who is able to adapt our work methodes, one who likes to help turning our ideas into reality, one who thrives on detailing preliminary designs into final details, one who likes to investigate, discover and explore techniques and implement input of consultants, one who never takes anything for granted and likes to become the next level extension of our design team.

Are you the right right-hand human?

For more information about the job and how to apply, check here: https://aatvos.com/jobs/
Apply immediately? You can do so through the following links.

For the position in Groningen, apply here: https://aatvos.typeform.com/to/npsH8Rls
For the position in the Hague area, apply here: https://aatvos.typeform.com/to/Ry6sNP3N
For the position in the Nijmegen area, apply here: https://aatvos.typeform.com/to/Hi4BX7I2

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