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sophiegreen is a multidisciplinary design studio – we are specialised in adaptive re-use of our build environment – through rethinking, redesigning, reconversion and renovation of existing building substance.

We provide sustainable and environmentally responsible architecture without compromising on aesthetics.

Green architecture can and should be a thing of beauty!

As specialists for human centred design, we developed our projects from the users point of view – from the inside out. We aim to create spaces with impact – that attract, energise and inspire people.

Turning space into a tool of communication, we develop environments that are finely tuned to our clients’ private or corporate identity, interacting with its users – visually and emotionally.

sophiegreen manages projects of various scales, in both the private and the public sector. We work internationally with a flexible and highly qualified team of engineers, architects and designers, which allows us to respond directly and efficiently to the individual project requirements.

We believe in the power of build space, both in terms of experience and function.

… and we believe in solutions over disciplines !